Banks Need Your Cash

President Barak Obama and U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner devised an economic stress test for America’s 19 largest banks.  Thankfully, each of those banks passed the stress test which measured their ability to weather the current financial storm as well as future potential problems.  However,

Mr. Geithner stressed very enthusiastically that these banks need to have as much cash on hand as possible to deal with any potential challenges in the future.  What that means is your cash actually has a higher value than you think it does.  If you’re considering bankruptcy, you should call a debt settlement professional immediately to see if you can negotiate your debts rather than declare bankruptcy.

Debt vs. Cash

Debt settlement companies provide a way to pay down your debt in a quick manner and possibly save you thousands of dollars in the process.  Debt settlement companies have known for years the dirty little secrets about debt collection companies, banks, credit card companies and others – they love cash.  And now, more than ever before, your cash and your ability to give cash to your credit card companies, lenders, banks and so forth has a high value.  Banks are in need of stability, in part to pay down their own debts, and in part to drive up their stock price.  A qualified debt settlement company can leverage this fact to help you in your debt settlement.

Value of Cash

You may a lender thousands of dollars, but with current economic conditions making debt a little sought after commodity, your cash’s value has skyrocketed.  In a sense, one dollar is worth more than one dollar.  The old saying “one in the hand is worth two in the bush” is becoming more and more true for banks and other lenders.  Banks are ready now more than ever to settle the debts that are outstanding and our debt settlement experts have been taking advantage of this fact ever since the economic crisis began.  Qualified debt settlement companies can turn $1,000 of debt into a $700 or even a $600 settlement.  Having $60,000 in credit card debt is a terrible burden, but you may be able to settle that $60,000 bill for less than $40,000.

Today’s Lending Reality

The days of unlimited debt are over, and many banks are living in a new world where cash is king.  In order for banks to feel secure about their positions, they must put as much cash into their piggy banks as possible.  With so many large corporations declaring bankruptcy, especially retail outlets, debt is becoming a scary proposition.  Our debt settlement experts can not only help you avoid bankruptcy, but we can take advantage of the very lenders who have been taking advantage of you for years.

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