Debt Settlement Secrets Banks Don't Want You to Know

Right now is not a good time to be a banker in America, or anywhere else for that matter.  Banks are hurting for cash, having borrowed far more than they can payback.  Banks are like the person making $50,000 a year who bought a corvette, a million dollar home and took a European vacation not thinking about the debts being racked up.  Banks are hurting for cash in a very serious way, so much so that even the billions of dollars the federal government gave out hasn’t helped all that much.

What banks won’t tell you about all the debt banks have is that it works in your favor.  Rather than having to collapse and give into the temptation to declare bankruptcy, you can choose the debt settlement option and pay 40%, 50% and even 60% less than what you owe your creditors.  Debt settlement is something you need professionals for because know the dirty secrets banks won’t tell you.  For example:

•    You can negotiate the interest rate on your credit cards, loans and other forms of debt

•    You can negotiate the due dates of your debts

•    You can negotiate the amount of your debt if you’re in a debt settlement program

•    These, and many other secrets, are the kinds of things a debt settlement company can help you with.

Dealing With Banks

Banks don’t want you to declare bankruptcy, and they’re willing to work with you on your debts to figure out a way to settle those debts and at least get some portion of that cash.  Obviously, banks aren’t going to tell you that they are willing to settle, which is why a debt settlement company can save you thousands of dollars.  If you declare bankruptcy, you will either be deferring or delaying those debts that you owe banks and other lenders, and at a time when cash is needed by multi-billion dollar banks, they would rather have $500 today than $1,500 in three years.

Countless people have been able to cut huge portions of their debt by using a debt settlement company to negotiate with lenders.  We know the secrets, we know the lenders, we know the language and we know how to get your debts chopped down by hundreds, thousands and even more.

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