At, we want to provide you with every possible resource we can to help you with your debt, and your debt management program.  Below are some Websites which can give you some positive information to help you get educated about debt, bankruptcy, budgeting and more.


Bankruptcy is a complicated process, and its affects can ripple through your life for years after you’ve paid off all of your debts.  Here are some online resources on bankruptcy that will help educate you and give you a better understanding of the bankruptcy process.

·         Bankruptcy Court Information

·         Bankruptcy Types and Processes

·         Financial guru Dave Ramsey’s take on bankruptcy

·         Bankruptcy Information from Cornell University Law School


In researching exactly how your debt affects your future, and how you can overcome debt, we are here to provide you with the information that will help you understand your circumstances.  Here are some resources on debt.

·         The United States Debt Clock

·         Debt Advice from Oprah

·         Some statistics on how big the credit card industry is

·         Budgeting Advice

·         Personal Finance Advice

Debt Settlement

Settling your debts can save you tremendous amounts of money.  Here are some debt settlement resources  you can check to get information, learn about the industry and learn about credit card companies, lenders, banks and more.

·         Debt settlement vs. bankruptcy

·         A debt settlement pros vs. cons article

·         A New York Times article on debt collection

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